Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just one more day until our baby girl turns 10! It's bittersweet to think about. I have got a cake ordered, the swimming pool party room reserved, now for a gift. She is the hardest one in my family to buy for. She would honestly be happy with a ream of paper, stapler, crayons, tape, and scissors! She wants to go to McDonald's for her birthday dinner - ick!

We have had a great time, picking things out for the Birthday raffle. I think she is tired of taking pictures with them though. I interrupt her Disney watching!


Balisha said...

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Yoy're lucky to have Lily...she is teaching you so much without you even knowing. What could be a better present than art supplies...I love art too and I would love colored paper, new paints or crayons and the newest gadgets in art supplies....don't forget a glue stick and stickers.

Lacey said...

Suzie, I don't know what I did with your address. We may not make it to the party. I thought it was Saturday, so I grabbed the paper to see what time and saw it was Monday. My kids start school tomorrow. I am supposed to meet with Carters teacher at 12:30, but I also have a doctors appt. at the same time, so one will have to be canceled. I'm going to still try and stop by, if I can.

Anonymous said...

Lily, I pray that your birthday be filled with tons of joy, laughter, love and smiles to last you a lifetime.

Happy Birthday!!

Debbie Yost said...

It could be Chuck E Cheese. Double ick!

Happy Birthday to Lily! Wow, 10! You're growing up too fast. Slow down a little. (Yeah, my girls never listen to that one either.)