Sunday, July 5, 2009


This beautiful picture is by Julie Williams

Note from mom - A while ago we shared how Lily got her name (sorry, we linked to it yesterday as well.) Today I want to go into a little more detail about Lily, her name, and what it all means to me.

  1. Lily of the Valley is 'Our Lady's Tears' according to Christian legend Eve's tears turned into Lily of the Valley as she was leaving the Garden of Eden.
  2. Lily of the valley is the symbol of sweetness, happiness, beauty and gaiety.
  3. The meaning of Lily of the Valley is....Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune. It is also believed that this flower protects gardens from evil spirits.
  4. Lily of the Valley is also known as Little Maybells, Fairy Cups, and Ladder to Heaven.

Lily is my Ladder to Heaven. She will get me there. She will teach me all the things that I need to know to return to my Father in Heaven. I believe this to be true for every parent that has a child with a disability. I can't explain the "pure joy" (words I've used to describe Lily forever!) that these children give to the world. Lily has made me love better, care better, do better.

I got permission to use this print from Balisha over at Never Enough Time


stephanie said...

How absolutely perfect and beautiful is the name,"Lilly".Your post made me cry. I wish everyone could love a "Lilly", the way you do. The way we are all blessed too, also.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Precious children, like your Lily, are sent to to teach us all about compassion, living fully and what true joy is. The picture of Lily is pure JOY!!

Ria said...

What a beautiful post! What a beautiful photo!

ParkerMama said...

Such a beautiful post. Such a beautiful young lady.

Thanks for sharing her with us.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

cecilia said...

Beautiful suzie!!!!
thanks for sharing

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

How beautifuL! I cannot think of a more perfect name for such a beautiful little girl! And i love that image and that picture of Lily!


Jeana said...

I can't even tell you how much I agree with your comment about your daughter getting you back to Heavenly Father. I have changed so much since the day I found out Kaelyn has down syndrome. She has already made me a better person, and I know I will continue to learn from her. Thanks.