Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IT'S A...

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Don't worry it's not one of Tim's, it's one of Lily's favorites.


The Beatles "1" 27 No.1 singles

When Lily said Tim is a screamer she really meant, Tim is a screamer. His type of music is called screamo, and from what I understand from the people that listen to this stuff everyday (ouch my ears) Tim is really good at it.
Tim is my sweetheart baby boy, with a funny quick wit about him. But, Tim was always quiet unwilling to step out of his comfort zone. He struggled with reading (and mom didn't have a clue of what an IEP was until after Lily was in preschool - so much for our school!) I think that kept him in his comfort zone a lot, but then he learned to skate and snowboard (until he broke his back) and out of no where he told us he was a singer in a band - yeah right Tim (we didn't believe him) Then he told us his band was competing in Battle of the Bands, would we buy tickets - oh dear.
There he was up on stage in his back brace, the music started, very loudly I might add...and then AAAAGGGGHHHH BAAAAA RRRRAAAAA, obviously I don't know what he was singing/screaming, he says there really is words. But, it was the manner in which he was saying them that made my mouth drop open so that other people noticed (yes I embarrassed my other two sons) From deep in his stomach and the tighting of his throat rose this low toned scream of sounds. I was so impressed! So proud I shouted "that's my baby boy!" although no one heard me over his screaming. I started doing "the pony" then quickly stopped, this was not about me. It was all about my baby boy growing up. They all grow up, don't they.

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
~ Brian Tracy

Lily's 1st concert!

She had two sets of earplugs on! A set that went directly in her ears and then the kind they use at gun clubs.
Tim singing to Lily and trying not to laugh at her rocking out!

After the concert. Lily loved every minute of it. Tim went to kindergarten with the guy in glasses, and Junior High with the guy in green. Who knew!?!

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Jaxson and Parker better get your grove on!


deiadancer333 said...

Lilly I always thought you were cool because your blog music is awesome but you like the Beatles too... you are the COOLEST!
And how much fun is it to have a brother in a band!He looks extemely cool too.

stephanie said...

Hi again, that's my comment above. My dear daughter didn't sign out from her blog and I didn't realize it til after I left a comment.

Sophia said...

Hey Lily! Thanks for folowing my blog. The Beatles are awesome, and so are you! write to you soon. I hope.