Sunday, July 12, 2009


taken from Never Enough Time

We are driving back from Boise today. We went there for a wedding of "my other daughter." My dear friend and her family moved away from their home, across the street from us, before we got Lily. Our kids played back and forth and when they moved at the end of a school year her 2 kids lived with us so they could finish up their school year here.
So, it was a very special day that the first time we were driving to Boise to visit them, 10 years ago, was the exact same day we found out that Lily would be ours
I was driving there with 3 little boys in tow. I was trying to get things loaded and ready when I got the call that changed my life. It was our adoption worker, he asked if I would come to his office with the boys. He had already called Jeff who was at work.
...I started to tell the story of how Lily came to be in a past blog. This is a brief summary of what happened next. In June of 1999 I had to write birthmom to tell her why her baby should be ours. My feelings had been long in coming; for almost two years I had been looking for my daughter. My husband agreed to talk with our church leader. Give that man a pat on the back because he told Jeff that usually when impressions were as strong as mine they usually came true! That was fall of 1998.
Here is a timeline of what happened next -
  1. I contacted the adoption agency.
  2. October/November 1998 my feelings got stronger (birth mom conceived Lily)
  3. January 1999 Jeff and I went to a special needs adoption seminar, there was a little girl there with Ds that sat with Jeff all through lunch. I left thinking I could have a baby with Ds.
  4. Last part of March, first part of April I got the feeling that the adoption might not happen (birth mom just found out baby would have Ds and was being counseled of her options)
  5. April got a call from adoption agency. I had left all zip codes off the references. I knew the adoption was back on full force.
  6. Saw a t.v. show about adopting children with special needs and talked with a friend about children with disabilities. I knew then I would be getting a daughter with Ds.
  7. June 2, 1999 had home inspection. Adoption worker told us about birth mom's baby. He wasn't suppose to because we weren't cleared yet; our names are very common. I told him I already knew about Lily and she was ours.
  8. That wonderful day when the adoption worker called - He sat us down in his office and said that he had received this letter and wanted me to read it (can you say nervous!)

This is the beginning, it is dated 7/7/1999 - I am so grateful that I got your family to choose from... I feel very blessed to have you guys as the parents of my child.

After reading the letter they presented us with a basket of cookies. One said "It's a girl!" The boys loved it.

We still had a vacation to go on! So we loaded in the car and I remember stopping at a truck stop trying to call my family. We had a great weekend, but as we were walking by a Carters store at an outlet mall I had a moments panic when I realized I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!
I had less than 20 days to get ready (granted she stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, but I didn't know that then).
This is me holding Lily for the very first time 7/31/1999


stephanie said...

What a beautiful story. I love how you just came to "know". Those feelings just confirm that you are being ever so gently guided in the right direction, in this case in Lilly's direction.

Beverly said...

what a great story! You are so very blessed!

Lacey said...

What a great story. I want to adopt a baby girl so bad. I just can't afford private adoption right now. And i don't want to start the foster to adopt yet because we might move out of state and if I have a child I'm trying to adopt, I don't think they'll let me take them out of state. But I know I have a girl out there somewhere for me.

Scarehaircare said...

You came to Boise AND YOU DIDN'T CALL ME????!!!!!