Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A BIG THANK YOU and the winner is...


We have two more giveaways until Lily's big day, but today we want to say thank you to several people who have helped make Lily's Birthday Bash Celebration a great event.

In no particular order we want to thank...

Jen even with a brand new baby Jen has been at our beck and call to help with Lily's new website (coming soon!), Lily's Life is Great! products, and she also donated one of her own tee-shirts to the Birthday Bash!

Both of my moms, GrandMary and Grandma Shirley for donating items for the raffle.
We love you!

Mark Whetzel at Vanguard Golf for donating the rounds of golf!

Maybell's Soaps and Candles
Thank you girls for helping to promote Ds awareness!

Kecia at !VinylExplanations!
Kecia's daughter Bree is as cute as a button. Just look at her blog and you will understand why Kecia creates such fun things with vinyl. Thank you Kecia!

Staci at Munchie Me Designs
Staci has two of the cutest girls. They look like twins, but they aren't.
Again I am impressed by the creativity and time all the women that donated have.
Thank you for the fun cards Staci!

Marlene at The Musings of a Mother
Marlene contacted the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation (I am the state president of the UDSF) to do a fundraiser, "Down with Scrapbooking". Marlene has family members who have Ds. She can do amazing things with scrapbooks and other items to show off our beautiful families!
Marlene thank you for making a difference!

The T21 Traveling Afghan Project
I seriously think this is one of the coolest ideas ever.
Chandos thank you so much for being so talented and starting this!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage
Amy creates wonderful pieces of art. When I contacted her to donate something her response was anything for Parker! I have asked my mom to bid on the treasure box because I want it for myself. The mom likes it too!
Thank you Amy!

Lisa Leonard Designs
Lisa blew me away with what she came up with for Lily's raffle. It is everything that Lily is to me. Thank you! Thank you Lisa!

What a creative thinking young man. Sam has created these wonderful Cd's where he has narrated several stories from The Brother's Grimm, Hans Christensen Anderson, and Mother Goose. The money he gets from these Cd's goes towards his LDS mission.
We wish you well on your mission Sam!

Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
Jaxson & Lacey and Parker & Tammy you are inspirations to so very many people.
If people can't learn how to live life positively after reading your blogs, then I don't think anything can teach them. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives!


Lacey said...

Thank you for all this, you've worked so hard. We are very gratefull.

ParkerMama said...

Okay. Go ahead and make me cry. Go ahead.

Thank you (everyone) so very much.

And isn't Amy amazing? She's Parker's honorary Aunt. :D

Tammy and Parker

Kiki said...

i think this is great that you did all this! I was glad to help! HOpe all is well with you and the family!