Friday, July 3, 2009


Rebecca's daughter is awesome! She can ride a bike. She wore a helmet, I wear a helmet. Her brother rode with her.
Today we are going to Grandpa and Grandma Shirley's house! They have a dog. They have cows. We are taking our trailer. I hope it doesn't break! That's it!

These aren't Grandpa's cows, my mom lost the picture of them!

Note from Lily's mom - Funny how things work out, I had the article below already written for today's blog and then selected her as the winner...
Rebecca from E is for Everything posted the video below on her Facebook - I had to post it on my FB and here as well. This is what I said on FB...
To me this video is about life and how we chose to live it. These people brought this beautiful baby into the world and loved him. In return he taught them so much. If you have never been around a child with a disability you might not understand the wonderful power they have over you. And, you have missed out on an increbile experience.
In the past few weeks I was asked to talk with a mom who found out she was having a child with Ds and wondered why anyone would want to adopt such a child.
In the end she never talked to me or anyone else, I know what that meant. She missed out on two wonderful amazing things 1) a beautiful child 2)giving this child a wonderful life through adoption.

Warning - Beck's videos are not for everyone.
They are beautiful and they are very real.
The Life of Beck


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! Elainah loves frogs and pools. :)

Thank you so much Lily and Suzie.

Lacey said...

Congrats to Rebecca.

Kim said...

Hooray for Rebecca!