Saturday, July 11, 2009


We are still gone today, so we have decided to highlight a few people that make a difference in the lives of our children. I am touched by what these individuals have done and continue to do all for the love of a child. The love for their child has spread and touched 100's of other children. It is amazing to me what one person can accomplish when they are guided by a power bigger than them self. These individuals, along with Lily, have inspired me to do more.

First we have The T21 Traveling Afghan Project
One blanket. Many states. Many countries. Hundreds of families. One common thread!

This mom made an (one) afghan and she sent it to one child who held it, and loved it, then they sent it on to another child with blessings and prayers. And, it started all over again.
This afghan is powerful at this point.
I think it is fascinating that this mom thought of this and put it into action.

Jaxson and his very own T21 Afghan
Yes, you can order your very own (we are raffling one off!)

Second we have MayBell's Soap and Candles
Now I can understand a parent stepping up, but Maybell's Soap and Candles is run by two girls, two friends, who happen to each have a sister with Down syndrome.
The proceeds from these wonderful soaps and candles go to Down syndrome awareness. Yes, we are raffling off a soap and a candle with the Lily of Valley items.

Thank you Maija and Rylee for being wonderful people!

Third we have Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
Seriously, how much can a mother take on? This is Jaxson's mommy doing this! Do you think she has time to sleep, I don't! She along with some really good friends make blankets, free of charge, and sends them to sick children. In the video below it talks about being able to hold that blanket while your child is in surgery, what a comfort that would bring. Again amazing...

Click on this beautiful little girl to watch a special video.

View this montage created at One True Media
Jaxsons blankies for babes

Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
This is the one we have to raffle

Fourth is
5 Minutes for Special Needs
mommy is managing editor at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Where she finds those 5 minutes I will never know, but I am grateful for her and all of the wonderful, creative people that share their thoughts, insight, lessons, instructions, joys, and sorrows with us each and every day. I am lifted by them, given a different opinion, and viewpoint.I am taught by them. I have cried tears of sadness and tears of joy. Take 5 minutes for yourself to visit.

Special Needs Blog



ParkerMama said...

Aw, Suzie. How about all that YOU do for families with children who have Ds?

You never mention that. ;D

Hey I need to touch base with you. Could you give me a call?

Pretty please?

RK said...

I just stumbled across your blog tonight following a link to my own link (crazy, I know) for Braska Bear... Lily is amazing! I'm doing a post on her next week just to share her story.