Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So here is how the giveaways will work. On a random day between now and the 27th we will be picking days to give things away. The day before you will get a little hint of what it might be. Then on the day of the giveway we will post a picture of what we are giving away and those that comment under the picture will be included in the bash!

Remember that Parker and Jaxson will also get whatever the giveaway is.

So here are your hints for tomorrow.
I like to do this!
My dad does this!
e're qgoing to do this on my birthbay!
Note from mom - only three hints because it takes Lily sooooo looonnnnggg to type them ;-)


Dawn said...

Very true. Thats what I'm trying to get started a blog fundraising for sick kids but I'm just not having much luck getting people to donate items and i can't keep buying them all. but I try thats what counts right. Lily is beautiful.

Balisha said...

Hi Lily,
You sure can use the photos from my blog for your birthday doings. Have fun.