Monday, July 27, 2009


Everything Lily - Michele
Blankie, Bears & Boys - Kristen
Barbie Holiday - Shannon
Barbie Spring - Lauriann
Compotes - Amy O
Blue Yonder Tee - Lauriann
Vinyl Explanations - Rania
Cards - Adele
Frame - Cheryl
T21 Afghan - Kim
Candlesticks - Ashley
Bracelet - Cathy
SammyTells - Julie
Treasurer Box - Mary
Lisa Leonard - Stephanie
Quilt - Bonnie
Thanksgiving Point - Jeana
Sand Hollow - Carson

Congratulations to all of you! I will be sending you an email and putting these items in the mail. Thank you so much for being part of Lily's 10th Birthday and helping out Jaxson and Parker


My Dearest Lily Girl!
I remember the day you were born, ten years ago! I got a call from Mark, our adoption worker, and he said you were coming! You were a couple of weeks early, so we were surprised! I asked if I could go and wait in the hospital lobby because I was so excited, but I couldn't. It was for the best, your birth mom, Mommy Alison and her family, needed some time with you. I told him to call back as soon as you arrived I didn't care how late it was!
You arrived at 9:45 pm. You weighed 7 lbs and 8 oz. and you were 20 inches long. You took your first helicopter ride the next day.
Mommy Alison and her family wanted Dad to give you a blessing because you needed surgery right away. We had already been told your intestines were mal-rotated, that means they were all tangled up! I tried all day long to get permission to go up and see you. The word hadn't gotten from where you were born to Primary Childrens. When it did the social worker didn't give the head nurse the okay and went home! Finally a nurse called somebody at their home and we got a call to get up to the hospital as soon as we could because you were going in for surgery at 10:00 p.m. It was after 9:00 pm when we got the call!
Grandma Shirley was here from Arkansas helping your Aunt Wendy because your cousin Easton was born just a month before you. She was waiting at the house with us for the phone call. Dad had called Tom so he could help give you a blessing. We were all just waiting. Grandma and I drove up and Dad drove up with Tom. Once we got to the NICU we had to scrub in. I thought the whole process was taking forever. When we finally walked into your room and saw you we were all overwhelmed by your beauty. You had all this dark hair that stuck straight up on your head, all your brothers and Brittany were bald when they were born!
Dad and Tom had just enough time to give you a blessing before they came in and got you for surgery. On the way down to the operating room the doctor was explaining things to us and kept talking about your esophagus. I finally asked what she was talking about and that was the first time we found out you were missing your esophagus.

After they took you into surgery Tom, Grandma, Dad and I were all standing around talking about you and I was saying how hard it was to hear the blessing over all the noise in the room. It didn't matter that I didn't hear it because Tom said he was overwhelmed by the feeling of the spirit that came from such a tiny little baby. I knew then you were special.
I called GrandMary and left her a message that we had found out about your esophagus. I think she might still have that message saved on her phone!
After we got home Dad and me sat on the floor at the foot of our bed and one of us said "what have we gotten ourselves into" We were tired and overwhelmed by all that had happened in such a short time.
We had no idea how much joy, love, laughter, and hapiness you would bring to so many! I love you so much Lily! I love having you as my sidekick and my daughter. I hope you have a great 10th birthday. LET'S GO SWIM!!

For those of you not joining us at the pool, we hope you take a look at Lily's Birthday Bash one more time. You have until 5:00 p.m. to bid on the items. Please remember that the proceeds of the raffle go to our friends Jaxson and Parker.
This has been a fun way to celebrate Lily! Thank you to everyone that has helped, donated, and supported this cause.

This will be the last post that will be posted on this blog. We are moving to a new website on August 1st. We hope you will join us there! We will list the winners tomorrow and contact them by email.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just one more day until our baby girl turns 10! It's bittersweet to think about. I have got a cake ordered, the swimming pool party room reserved, now for a gift. She is the hardest one in my family to buy for. She would honestly be happy with a ream of paper, stapler, crayons, tape, and scissors! She wants to go to McDonald's for her birthday dinner - ick!

We have had a great time, picking things out for the Birthday raffle. I think she is tired of taking pictures with them though. I interrupt her Disney watching!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This drawing is now closed

Lily loves watching movies, especially when we are in the car. She likes old musicals, and Disney movies. We have had to buy two copies of Oklahoma, State Fair, Charlotte's Web, and a few others because she watches them so much. So, we have found three oldies, but goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Another of Lily's favorite things is Cotton Candy (Cotton and Candy according to Lily!) and carmel popcorn balls that you buy at the gas stations. So along with the movies the winner of this drawing will get cotton candy and a carmel popcorn ball.

We want pictures of Jaxson and Parker tasting Cotton Candy, but we don't expect them to eat it all. They can share, if they want ;-)

Leave your comment, link and comment on your blog about us, and leave a comment on Lily's Birthday Bash Post!

Friday, July 24, 2009


The winner of the dog is My Cool Family

We are headed out of town again!
This time we are camping with Brittany and Gordon!
Tomorrow, if the scheduled post options, work Lily's last giveaway will be posted. If it doesn't post you will see it late Sunday.
In the meantime go check out the raffle items.
There are only 4 more days of Lily's Birthday Bash!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This drawing is now closed
Which one do you think I (mom) want to giveaway!?!

Grizzly Adams would be on the left and Lil' Snoopy would be on the right.

They both bark, turn their heads, and shake their tails.

One will hold still for pictures, and not give you a look like
"Are you kidding me, you want me to sit!"

Well since there is only one Grizzly Adams I guess you will have to settle for Lil' Snoopy!
Jaxson and Parker we hope you like your new puppy!

You know the drill, comment on this post, link & comment on your blog and leave a comment on Lily's Birthday Bash post, so we know you're seeing all the cool things!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A BIG THANK YOU and the winner is...


We have two more giveaways until Lily's big day, but today we want to say thank you to several people who have helped make Lily's Birthday Bash Celebration a great event.

In no particular order we want to thank...

Jen even with a brand new baby Jen has been at our beck and call to help with Lily's new website (coming soon!), Lily's Life is Great! products, and she also donated one of her own tee-shirts to the Birthday Bash!

Both of my moms, GrandMary and Grandma Shirley for donating items for the raffle.
We love you!

Mark Whetzel at Vanguard Golf for donating the rounds of golf!

Maybell's Soaps and Candles
Thank you girls for helping to promote Ds awareness!

Kecia at !VinylExplanations!
Kecia's daughter Bree is as cute as a button. Just look at her blog and you will understand why Kecia creates such fun things with vinyl. Thank you Kecia!

Staci at Munchie Me Designs
Staci has two of the cutest girls. They look like twins, but they aren't.
Again I am impressed by the creativity and time all the women that donated have.
Thank you for the fun cards Staci!

Marlene at The Musings of a Mother
Marlene contacted the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation (I am the state president of the UDSF) to do a fundraiser, "Down with Scrapbooking". Marlene has family members who have Ds. She can do amazing things with scrapbooks and other items to show off our beautiful families!
Marlene thank you for making a difference!

The T21 Traveling Afghan Project
I seriously think this is one of the coolest ideas ever.
Chandos thank you so much for being so talented and starting this!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage
Amy creates wonderful pieces of art. When I contacted her to donate something her response was anything for Parker! I have asked my mom to bid on the treasure box because I want it for myself. The mom likes it too!
Thank you Amy!

Lisa Leonard Designs
Lisa blew me away with what she came up with for Lily's raffle. It is everything that Lily is to me. Thank you! Thank you Lisa!

What a creative thinking young man. Sam has created these wonderful Cd's where he has narrated several stories from The Brother's Grimm, Hans Christensen Anderson, and Mother Goose. The money he gets from these Cd's goes towards his LDS mission.
We wish you well on your mission Sam!

Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
Jaxson & Lacey and Parker & Tammy you are inspirations to so very many people.
If people can't learn how to live life positively after reading your blogs, then I don't think anything can teach them. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The post below didn't post right.

There were two videos of Lily and her dad doing jokes. Everytime I would upload the second one it would change the first one into the same video. Oh computers!

Don't forget to pause the music at the very bottom of Lily's blog so you can hear the jokes :-)



more jokes


This post is now closed

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.

By Nicholas Gordon

Really need I say more about Lily and her dad.

If you want the owl here's the drill...
comment on this post
comment and post a link on your blog
post a comment on the Birthday Bash post

Monday, July 20, 2009


This is Gordon in his white Easter Bunny costume!
His mom made it! She's an amazing seamtress!


The winner's of the gift cards were Kristen and Pam!

The next giveaway is all about Lily's Dad! This is what Lily thinks of him...
My dad is cute. He's awesome. He's beautiful. He's my dad. He's funny. (Note from mom - I just asked Lily if he said funny jokes, her response "NO") He works. He builds a building. I like to do things with him. We go see Grandma and Aunt Lynne. He's happy. I want him to tell me a funny joke. He's cool dad. I work with him. That's it.
Here is a hint about tomorrow's giveaway...
It's one of Dad's jokes, he got it from his Dad
Dad says - What kind of bird was on Bambi?
Lily says - An Owl
Dad says - Who?
Lily says - An Owl
Dad says - Who?
It just goes on and on and on!
Check back tomorrow to see what we're giving away!

The following is a video of Lily singing her favorite Hannah Montana

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday post

Taken from Balisha's blog

Short post as we are driving back from the family reunion today. Early this month I blogged about Lily being my ladder to heaven. Well this week in the mail I received the jewelry item from Lisa Leonard for Lily's Birthday Bash. I am so tempted to rig the raflle so I can win it, but I won't. I have ordered one for me. I think it is beautiful. Thank you Lisa Leonard.

Wonderful Sunday to you all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

IT'S A...

This giveaway is now closed
$10.00 WalMart Gift Certificate in honor of Brittany
$10.00 WalMart Gift Certificate in honor of Gordon
we are giving gift certificates because that's what Brittany and Gordon like to get so they can pick out things fr all their different hobbies!

Brittany is a beautiful woman who is amazing with her little sister. She is patience, and kind, she answers ALL of Lily's questions, she braids Lily's hair, and colors with her. Brittany gives her parents good advice when it comes to the brothers of the family.
Gordon is this BIG guy about 6'5", who believe it or not wears a pink bunny costume at his family Easter parties. Now that's what I call a good guy! He has got to be one of the friendliest people I know. Lily adores him.
Together Brittany and Gordon love the outdoor life. There weekends are spent camping, fishing, playing with their dogs, and working on her new house.

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer. ~Louise Gl├╝ck
You know the drill...
comment on this post
comment and link on your blog
comment on Lily's Birthday Bash post, so we know you've seen all the wonderful raffle items!
Hopefully we'll get at least 2 people commenting!
Blogging has been slow :-(

Friday, July 17, 2009


We are at a family reunion in Colorado Springs, but Lily's Birthday Bash is still happening! Tomorrows giveaway(s) is all about Brittany and Gordon. Brittany is Lily's sister and Gordon is Brittany's fiancee.
Lily tells people she has a sister, three brothers, and A GORD!

Brittany is so awesome cause she loves me cause I'm her sister! she pai nts fingernails. she makes dinner. she lives at her new home. she likes to go camping. she likes to fish.
Gordon is so nice. Way awesome! He works. He's WAY big!
That's it
Check back tomorrow to see what the giveaway is.
Since we are running out of days until Lily's big day we are
giving TWO things away tomorrow!


If you visit her page check out this post - Everybody can make a change!
She is also a gluten free kinda gal and has found some great stuff.
Her cute son Tarek has Down syndrome and Autism.
She blogs in both English and Spanish!
She has been a wonderful asset to the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation!
Lily and I are on the road again. Right now in Rifle Colorado, heading to Colorado Springs.
We'll check back when we find more wireless connection!

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Yep, that's right, if you win, you get to pick anything up $30.00!

And, Suki Jewelry has agreed to do something else to - keep reading!
Sorry Jaxson and Parker but the giveaway today is for mommies, hopefully you will have very happy mommies though!
We want to make sure that everyone remembers why we're having these giveaways, so here's a recap.

Lily is turning 10 on July 27th!

She is very special to her family and has given us so much!

So we are celebrating with Lily's Birthday Bash!

We have put together a wonderful raffle and the proceeds will go to two of Lily's friends, you might have guessed Jaxson and Parker!

Along with that we are randomly giving away 10 items until July 27th!
So far we have given away a swimming pool & towel, a volleyball, a muscle shirt & water bottle, a Beatles CD, and now Suki Jewelry!

What's next... you'll just have to come back and visit!

In order to qualify to get this $30.00 certificate you must to do the following...

  1. post a comment on this post
  2. comment/link on your blog
  3. post a comment on Lily's Birthday Bash post, so we know you've seen all the cool things!

Okay, a little about mom. I was going to be an airline stewardess! I was accepted to Western Airlines school way back when. I fell in love instead.

Jeff and I have been married almost 25 years. Jeff brought his daughter Brittany along into the marriage. I have to admit I was a terrible stepmother! But, both Brittany and I hung in there and I love her like my own, because she is (you'll get too read about her in a few days)! Then came the boys, three boys in six years. I rested for about 8 years, then the search for my other daughter began! You can read the story of how Lily came to be here.

I don't know if Lily made me see how important family is or if was time passing, getting older, losing loved ones and just plain old life. I do know that I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't have Lily in my life. I wouldn't have met so many wonderful individuals that have Down syndrome and their families if Lily wasn't in my life. I would like to think I would be just as charitable and volunteer oriented even if I didn't have Lily, but who knows. I do know this beautiful little girl has made me better and for that I am grateful.

For that I want to give back... And this is how we're (Lily and I) going to do that. We are in the process of setting up Lily's Life is Great website, where she will be selling her brand of items, tee-shirts, bags, and other things. 21% (you get the Trisomy 21) of the profit will go to an individual or organization of our choice. That choice will change monthly; one month it might go to help feed children in Africa, to the local pet shelter, or to individuals just like Jaxson and Parker who are near and dear to our hearts. We hope word will get out about this and that we can help.

NOW for the month of August Suki Jewelry has agreed to give 20% of their profit to Lily's cause. Lily already has two friends that get to split that profit, along with whatever we sell from Lily's items. Of course we will keep you posted!

Happy Birthday to
Jaxson's mommy - December 13
Parker's mommy - July 15
Lily's mommy - July 16

Get posting to win Suki Jewelry certificate!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS... (plus picture day and another giveaway!)


Plus a few pictures from this past weekend...

walking the runway

The birthday girls...
Speaking of the birthday girls WE HAVE ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! It's mom's birthday tomorrow, and it's gonna be a good one!! And it's Parker's mommy's birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! And, it's Jaxson's mommy's birthday in December, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY!
We are so excited about tomorrow's giveaway, mom gets one too! Oh yeah!!! Whoopee! Okay, here is what Lily has to say about mom...
My mom is cute. My mom is beautiful. My mom cleans the house. My mom kisses me. moms zbirthday is tomorrow. (note from mom - we are talking and typing right now and I asked Lily if she remembered what the lady was donating for my birthday tomorrow - the lady is pregnant - Lily stated happily "HER BABY!?!") That's it - Disney channel has priority today

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IT'S A...

This drawing is now closed

Don't worry it's not one of Tim's, it's one of Lily's favorites.


The Beatles "1" 27 No.1 singles

When Lily said Tim is a screamer she really meant, Tim is a screamer. His type of music is called screamo, and from what I understand from the people that listen to this stuff everyday (ouch my ears) Tim is really good at it.
Tim is my sweetheart baby boy, with a funny quick wit about him. But, Tim was always quiet unwilling to step out of his comfort zone. He struggled with reading (and mom didn't have a clue of what an IEP was until after Lily was in preschool - so much for our school!) I think that kept him in his comfort zone a lot, but then he learned to skate and snowboard (until he broke his back) and out of no where he told us he was a singer in a band - yeah right Tim (we didn't believe him) Then he told us his band was competing in Battle of the Bands, would we buy tickets - oh dear.
There he was up on stage in his back brace, the music started, very loudly I might add...and then AAAAGGGGHHHH BAAAAA RRRRAAAAA, obviously I don't know what he was singing/screaming, he says there really is words. But, it was the manner in which he was saying them that made my mouth drop open so that other people noticed (yes I embarrassed my other two sons) From deep in his stomach and the tighting of his throat rose this low toned scream of sounds. I was so impressed! So proud I shouted "that's my baby boy!" although no one heard me over his screaming. I started doing "the pony" then quickly stopped, this was not about me. It was all about my baby boy growing up. They all grow up, don't they.

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
~ Brian Tracy

Lily's 1st concert!

She had two sets of earplugs on! A set that went directly in her ears and then the kind they use at gun clubs.
Tim singing to Lily and trying not to laugh at her rocking out!

After the concert. Lily loved every minute of it. Tim went to kindergarten with the guy in glasses, and Junior High with the guy in green. Who knew!?!

Remember in order to win The Beatles 1 C.D. you need to -
  1. Make a comment on this post
  2. Make a comment/link on your blog
  3. Make a comment Lily's Birthday Bash post

Jaxson and Parker better get your grove on!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We are back from the wedding, fast trip. Guess who caught the bouquet? Yes, that would be Lily, Sklyer will be so excited!

Tomorrow's give away is all about Tim! This is what Lily has to say about her brother Tim.
Tim is cute. I love him. He watches me, then mom and dad go out to dinner together. We went bowling. Tim screams so loud in a band. He makes pizzas, its good. That's it!

Below is a slide show of the wedding.


taken from Never Enough Time

We are driving back from Boise today. We went there for a wedding of "my other daughter." My dear friend and her family moved away from their home, across the street from us, before we got Lily. Our kids played back and forth and when they moved at the end of a school year her 2 kids lived with us so they could finish up their school year here.
So, it was a very special day that the first time we were driving to Boise to visit them, 10 years ago, was the exact same day we found out that Lily would be ours
I was driving there with 3 little boys in tow. I was trying to get things loaded and ready when I got the call that changed my life. It was our adoption worker, he asked if I would come to his office with the boys. He had already called Jeff who was at work.
...I started to tell the story of how Lily came to be in a past blog. This is a brief summary of what happened next. In June of 1999 I had to write birthmom to tell her why her baby should be ours. My feelings had been long in coming; for almost two years I had been looking for my daughter. My husband agreed to talk with our church leader. Give that man a pat on the back because he told Jeff that usually when impressions were as strong as mine they usually came true! That was fall of 1998.
Here is a timeline of what happened next -
  1. I contacted the adoption agency.
  2. October/November 1998 my feelings got stronger (birth mom conceived Lily)
  3. January 1999 Jeff and I went to a special needs adoption seminar, there was a little girl there with Ds that sat with Jeff all through lunch. I left thinking I could have a baby with Ds.
  4. Last part of March, first part of April I got the feeling that the adoption might not happen (birth mom just found out baby would have Ds and was being counseled of her options)
  5. April got a call from adoption agency. I had left all zip codes off the references. I knew the adoption was back on full force.
  6. Saw a t.v. show about adopting children with special needs and talked with a friend about children with disabilities. I knew then I would be getting a daughter with Ds.
  7. June 2, 1999 had home inspection. Adoption worker told us about birth mom's baby. He wasn't suppose to because we weren't cleared yet; our names are very common. I told him I already knew about Lily and she was ours.
  8. That wonderful day when the adoption worker called - He sat us down in his office and said that he had received this letter and wanted me to read it (can you say nervous!)

This is the beginning, it is dated 7/7/1999 - I am so grateful that I got your family to choose from... I feel very blessed to have you guys as the parents of my child.

After reading the letter they presented us with a basket of cookies. One said "It's a girl!" The boys loved it.

We still had a vacation to go on! So we loaded in the car and I remember stopping at a truck stop trying to call my family. We had a great weekend, but as we were walking by a Carters store at an outlet mall I had a moments panic when I realized I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!
I had less than 20 days to get ready (granted she stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, but I didn't know that then).
This is me holding Lily for the very first time 7/31/1999

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We are still gone today, so we have decided to highlight a few people that make a difference in the lives of our children. I am touched by what these individuals have done and continue to do all for the love of a child. The love for their child has spread and touched 100's of other children. It is amazing to me what one person can accomplish when they are guided by a power bigger than them self. These individuals, along with Lily, have inspired me to do more.

First we have The T21 Traveling Afghan Project
One blanket. Many states. Many countries. Hundreds of families. One common thread!

This mom made an (one) afghan and she sent it to one child who held it, and loved it, then they sent it on to another child with blessings and prayers. And, it started all over again.
This afghan is powerful at this point.
I think it is fascinating that this mom thought of this and put it into action.

Jaxson and his very own T21 Afghan
Yes, you can order your very own (we are raffling one off!)

Second we have MayBell's Soap and Candles
Now I can understand a parent stepping up, but Maybell's Soap and Candles is run by two girls, two friends, who happen to each have a sister with Down syndrome.
The proceeds from these wonderful soaps and candles go to Down syndrome awareness. Yes, we are raffling off a soap and a candle with the Lily of Valley items.

Thank you Maija and Rylee for being wonderful people!

Third we have Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
Seriously, how much can a mother take on? This is Jaxson's mommy doing this! Do you think she has time to sleep, I don't! She along with some really good friends make blankets, free of charge, and sends them to sick children. In the video below it talks about being able to hold that blanket while your child is in surgery, what a comfort that would bring. Again amazing...

Click on this beautiful little girl to watch a special video.

View this montage created at One True Media
Jaxsons blankies for babes

Jaxson's Blankies for Babes
This is the one we have to raffle

Fourth is
5 Minutes for Special Needs
mommy is managing editor at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Where she finds those 5 minutes I will never know, but I am grateful for her and all of the wonderful, creative people that share their thoughts, insight, lessons, instructions, joys, and sorrows with us each and every day. I am lifted by them, given a different opinion, and viewpoint.I am taught by them. I have cried tears of sadness and tears of joy. Take 5 minutes for yourself to visit.

Special Needs Blog


Friday, July 10, 2009

TAKE ANOTHER LOOK! and the winner is...

Dawn from Mamma Monkmee won the muscle shirt!

Lily and I are enroute to a wedding in Idaho, so we are reposting her Birthday Bash post in hopes that you will all look again at the wonderful items in the raffle.
We still can't believe that some of these things have not been bid on!
If you want to buy a raffle ticket for an item, but don't want to use AlertPay email me at I will work something out with you!
Remember the proceeds of thsi raffle go to Jaxson and Parker!

I am turning 10 on July 27th, so I am having a BIRTHDAY BASH!

The proceeds from MY BASH will go to my friends Jaxson and Parker.
I think Jaxson and Parker are cute!

ITEMS are $5.00 each
You can make a contributation for just the items you want!
Or you can make a contribution at the very bottom of the page

Lots of people donated items to make this a great BASH.
If you want to donate an item contact my mom at
Check back to see if items have been added - we will also blog about it

The BASH will close at 5:00p.m. on July 27th
We will ship your items to you.

To add to the fun on 10 random days we will be having free give aways!
And, even better, Jaxson and Parker will also get what we are giving away!
We will pick those winners from the people who comment on the item of the day.

1st item - Everything Lily of the Valley!
Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion & bath & shower gel in Lily of the Valley scent
Catherine Lee's book The Language of Flowers
Candle & soap in Lily of the Valley scent from Maybell's Soap & Candles
We have TWO of these!

2nd item - Blankie, Bear & Boys
Jaxson's mom donated a blankie from Jaxson's Blankie's for Babes it's been paired up with a bear and handsome clothes for boys.

clothes are Carter brand size 9 mo.

3rd item - Barbie Holiday Pack
contains XO Valentine Barbie, Easter Magic Barbie,
Enchanted Halloween Barbie, and Christmas Morning Barbie

4th item - Barbie Spring Pack
contains Flower Shop Barbie, Pretty in Plaid Barbie, and Sunshine Day Barbie

5th item - Southern Living at Home Victoria Pressed Glass Compotes
Taste of Home Simple & Delicious Cookbook
set of 8 compotes

6th item - Blue Yonder Tee Shirt
you get to choose style and size
donated from Jen at Blue Yonder Girl
Jen designed Lily's blog page!

7th item - $25.00 Gift Certificate to !Vinyl Explanations!
Kecia at K&K Enjoy the Journey creates fun things for your home with vinyl.
She will design a custom piece just for you!

This is our front door - it says Welcome
It comes off very easily with a blow dryer
We've had Happy Thankgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Valentines

8th item - Designer Cards
Staci at MunchieMe Designs has donated beautiful handmade cards!
they come with white enevelopes

9th item - Custom Made Frame
Marlene at The Musings of a Mother has donated a custom made frame ready for your family photo!

10th item - T21 Afghan
Afghan in your choice of colors from The T21 Traveling Afghan Project!

This is Jaxson with his Afghan - quiet please

11th item - SC Line Genuine Lead Crystal Candlesticks
made in Italy, approx. 9" tall, bottom emerald green, top rim finished in silver

12th item - Bracelet from Coldwater Creek
Sterling silver and genuine abalone shell

13th item - SammyTells CD's and A Treasury of Children's Literature
SammyTells has created 3 wonderful CD's where he retells the stories of The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christen Anderson, and Mother Goose. Along with the three CD's is the beautifully illustrated book A Treasury of Children's Literature

14th item - Treasure Box
Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage has donated a beautiful Treasure Box!

15th item - Lisa Leonard Item
Lisa Leonard Designs has donated one of her items!

(image coming!)

16th item - Quilt from Grandma Shirley!
Lily's grandma quilts, she made this beautiful navy and yellow quilt, approximately 46" x 55"

17th item - Foursome of Golf
Golf at Thanksgiving Point's championship caliber course!
Valid Sunday - Wednesday after 2p.m.

Lily and her dad, uncles, and lots of friends at the UDSF Golf Tournament at Thanksgiving Point

18th item - Foursome of Golf
Golf the championship course at
Sand Hollow Resort!
In Hurricane, Utah

Valid Sunday - Wednesday after 12p.m.

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