Friday, June 5, 2009


Today was the last day of school. I hung out with Annie. We played baseball. We played football. People wrote on my arm! My friend Annie gave me candy. Cierra gave me bubbles and candy. I got the most helpful award! I liked school this year. I liked reading, playing basketball. I'm going to sleep over at GrandMary's house now! I'm going to swim! I'm gonna have a birthday party! We'll have cake. I'm going to the movies. I'm going to watch the Disney Chanel. That's it.

Note from mom - Lily's school participates in "Meet the Masters" art program. She brought home her art work and her brother, Henry, who is in graphic design knew most of the artists by her art work. Let's see how many you can guess!




Lacey said...

Love the arm signatures baby. The artwork is beautiful.

stephanie said...

Enjoy your sleepover, sounds like a lot of fun, great way to start summer vacation. Your art work is super!

ParkerMama said...

I love Lily's sweet yet so hip 'tude. I can only hope that Parker will do as well as Lily has done.

The art is gorgeous. Kinda like Lily.

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Balisha said...

Thankyou for reading my blog and commenting. I wrote something about your blog this morning. Lily...hope your summer vacation is great and full of fun. ((hugs))

OhioMom said...

Congratulations on a great school year, love the 'signed arm', how cool is that? I really enjoyed your artwork .. even if I couldn't guess any of them like your big brother :)
Have a great summer vacation Lily, it has been a pleasure to meet you.