Sunday, June 28, 2009


I got to go to a Princess Festival and be a princess for a day. The princesses were all cute. Most of the pfincesses had Down swyndrome. I was Princess Lily Smith. I was darling! I liked it. I went with my mommy. That's it.

Note from Lily's mom - The Utah County Chapter of the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation got a really special treat, when 25 little girls were sponsored to go to the Princess Festival in Hatfieldadelphia (Lindon, Utah). Ron Hatfield made this princess wonderland, which is truly a wonderland, for a charity that is near and dear to his heart In Our Own Quiet Way . This organization helps feed children in Kenya. The girls learned how to curtsy for the queen, they got to wake Sleeping Beauty, and watch as the princesses and princes danced in the ballroom.

The Birthday Surprise is coming!


ParkerMama said...

Simply wonderful!