Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Note from Lily's mom - Dawn is my age now...
Dawn turned 46 on June 22, so she can't say anything about me being older than her, at least until my birthday in July! Dawn is amazing and I can only hope that Lily will be as smart and independent as Dawn. Dawn lives on her own, works, knows the bus system like the back of her hand (she was on one of the UTA's councils for people with disabilities who rode public transit.) Dawn now sits on the Best Buddies committee and the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation as a self-advocate. More importantly Dawn is my friend. We can sing Donna Summers very loudly together in the car and do great disco moves. We don't care that Lily is embarrassed, and tells us we can't sing.
Today we went to Thanksgiving Point for her birthday and out to lunch. Dawn is great to go out with. If I spill on myself it's okay, because she does too. She accepts me with all my faults and problems (I think she thinks Lily is a problem at times!!!) She is polite, gracious, and just fun to be around.

Happy Birthday Dawn!
We love you!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Dawn! I believe we met her at the Luau. She is amazing!

stephanie said...

What beautiful words for your friend Dawn.
The pics are great, what a lovely place, all those flowers!
Happy Birthday Dawn!

Beth said...

That is so very cool--for you, Dawn and Lily (got to keep on annoying these kids-it keeps them on their toes!).

Regarding bike camp--they now require individuals with Ds to be 11 before they take camp because the success rate is so much better (I can vouch for that!). You might want to try Fat Wheels as an interim step. We've used them and they are very stable and much cheaper than a big trike. I'll be posting more details about bikes, so hold off from buying anything for a few more days.
I bet Lily can do it!

heather said...

She is amazing! I wonder if it is more common to be as independent as she is because of having MDs compared to Ds. I love that she has your family as her own! I remember when I first met her about 5 years ago when I was seeing a patient and she was visiting him--I think she told me he was her boyfriend. It was amazing that she was living in her own apartment all on her own. Happy Birthday Dawn!

Brandie said...

Lily--Thanks so much for stopping by you are such a beautiful little girl :) Come visit us anytime :)