Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Ideas

Note from Lily's mom - Summer's coming and I have got to keep Lily busy! I sat down today and put together a list for each day of the week. Monday through Friday we will have school time for 1 hour a day. This will keep her from forgetting what she had learned throughout the year. The school is going to send home a packet that will be full of school work. We will also have P.E. because I have noticed that Miss Lily has been eating a lot more and watching T.V. more, she's taking after me!!! Then Monday through Friday there will be a theme for the day. It's not going to be an all day thing, but I have to devote a few hours a few hours a day to Lily.
Monday will be devoted to getting ready for family home evening.
Tuesday will be devoted to a longer school day, to include arts, computer, and maybe practicing typing on her blog.
Wednesday will be devoted to Lily's Faith in God requirements
Thursday will be field trip day. I get all the local magazines and papers and look for free or inexpensive places to go.
Friday I'm not sure about yet...any ideas!
She will also be taking swimming lessons, so some of the days may be shifting around, but I have to start somewhere!
I have never had a structured summer with any of my children, but I feel like I really need to start this simmer with Lily. I don't want to fail, so I am keeping things small. Wish me luck!

***Keep reading, we are making big plans for Lily's 10th birthday!!!***


Maddy said...

My you are well organized. I can't think further ahead than the end of school and two weeks in England......maybe I'll have time to plan whilst I'm there?

Scarehaircare said...

I shall follow suit. I'm wracking my brain to come up with things to supplement what The Love Magnet will be doing in summer school. She thrives on routine. I am not an organizational queen.

BTW, I'm plannig a few trips to UT this summer specifically to catch up with our Ds friends and fams. I will let you know when. Please let me know when Lagoon day will be happening.

Lacey said...

Man, that is a small world. Is she a school teacher, and super skinny? Very sweet and soft spoken? I can't believe she figured that out from Jaxson's name. We only see her a few times a year at parties.

K,S&P said...

Love your blog! My husband even looked it over - that's a rare thing! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Look foward to getting to know you and Lily :)

Tausha said...

How about going on hikes? Just a thought. I am still trying to keep my step-kids busy, good think Sam is still little and I don't have to worry to much with him yet but I am happy to read your ideas and know that I will need to be keeping him busy as well.

stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by, I was actually going to stop by your blog earlier tonight, but you beat me to it.(how funny is that), don't remember where I was when I saw you either,but one thing led to another, and that was the end of that.Lily is beautiful. I'll have to come back later to read up a ittle.

ParkerMama said...

Looks like you've got everything planned and ready to go. Lily should have an excellent summer!