Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Nice

Today is Mother's Day. My mom is awesome, she's nice, she's pretty. We're going to dinner for Mother's Day and going for a ride in the car. I went shopping with my brother Kenny. He got mom a candle. I told mom all about it. Mom's so gorgeous. mom is so cute. love me. i like snuggling and watching tv with mom. mom loves me so much! mom helps me. she lets me get diet coke and mcdonalds. we go to the movies. i gave mom a cookie cookbook for mother's day. i made it at school. mom went to the zoo with my class.
That's it.

(note from Lily's mom - I let Lily type the last half of this. She must be practicing at school because she did really well! I'll have to let her type more, even if it takes a little longer)


Tausha said...

Your beautiful and yes you do have a wonderful Mom.

My name is Sarah said...

Nice story Lily and good typing.

Lacey said...

Happy mothers day!!

Maddy said...

Well done you giving up your typing role to the next generation = she did great!