Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm cute! I'm darling! I love me! I like myself!

It was a good weekend. I golfed by the hotel. Skyler was there too. Skyler likes me and going to marry me. We stayed at the hotel. Skyler's room was close to ours. We went swimming. We went to the museum and saw a movie.

We went to Aunt Lynne's. We ate dinner. It was good.

We went to Grandpa Frank's grave. I love him.

That's it

Skyler & me getting a ride from Kari (Skyler's sister)

Skyler & me in the cave at the museum

Sarah, me, & Skyler at muesum (Sarah is Skyler's sister)

Deer by Aunt Lynne's house

Helping dad put flowers on Grandpa Frank's grave!


Lacey said...

Your hair looks so cute pulled back. What a great day you had.

Tausha said...

Lily, you look beautiful and like you had such a fun time. Skyler is pretty cute as well. Be good kids. :-) Glad you has such a fun Memorial weekend.

cecilia said...

everyday Lily you look more beautiful.I love the pictures with skyler he is very cute:)
love cecy and tarek