Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Ideas

Note from Lily's mom - Summer's coming and I have got to keep Lily busy! I sat down today and put together a list for each day of the week. Monday through Friday we will have school time for 1 hour a day. This will keep her from forgetting what she had learned throughout the year. The school is going to send home a packet that will be full of school work. We will also have P.E. because I have noticed that Miss Lily has been eating a lot more and watching T.V. more, she's taking after me!!! Then Monday through Friday there will be a theme for the day. It's not going to be an all day thing, but I have to devote a few hours a few hours a day to Lily.
Monday will be devoted to getting ready for family home evening.
Tuesday will be devoted to a longer school day, to include arts, computer, and maybe practicing typing on her blog.
Wednesday will be devoted to Lily's Faith in God requirements
Thursday will be field trip day. I get all the local magazines and papers and look for free or inexpensive places to go.
Friday I'm not sure about yet...any ideas!
She will also be taking swimming lessons, so some of the days may be shifting around, but I have to start somewhere!
I have never had a structured summer with any of my children, but I feel like I really need to start this simmer with Lily. I don't want to fail, so I am keeping things small. Wish me luck!

***Keep reading, we are making big plans for Lily's 10th birthday!!!***

Friday, May 29, 2009

WE WON!!!!!

picture taken off the Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream website

We won the ice cream give away at Twofer Thumbs Up!!!!!!

As promised we are sending the ice cream Parker's way.

Thank you Twofer Thumbs Up!!

Happy Eating Parker!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have told my boys thousands of times they had better be careful about what they say and do around Lily because she will repeat, SAY, and do what they say and do.

So last night we were at one of Henry's volleyball games. He plays for the University of Utah.
Lily quickly latched on to the two cutest girls there and had them in her trance for the rest of the evening telling them all about herself, her animals, and her brothers, especially Henry because he was right there.

While Henry was bent over waiting for the next play, Lily remembered something he had done in those shorts one day. He had mooned her...

She told the girls in full detail about the incident and she went on to tell them how disgusting and gross it was! She used her expressive rolling eyes and flipping of the head and hair to tell the story, and she used her expressive hands, throwing them up in the air - "like duh whats a girl to do!"

Maybe he'll think next time, but then again maybe not.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Scream, We Scream!

As much as we like ice cream we are hoping that Parker get's a years supply!
But that shouldn't stop any of you from entering the contest.
Good Luck!

Wordless Wednesday - A Great Day to Golf!

Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation.
Jack Nicklaus

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm cute! I'm darling! I love me! I like myself!

It was a good weekend. I golfed by the hotel. Skyler was there too. Skyler likes me and going to marry me. We stayed at the hotel. Skyler's room was close to ours. We went swimming. We went to the museum and saw a movie.

We went to Aunt Lynne's. We ate dinner. It was good.

We went to Grandpa Frank's grave. I love him.

That's it

Skyler & me getting a ride from Kari (Skyler's sister)

Skyler & me in the cave at the museum

Sarah, me, & Skyler at muesum (Sarah is Skyler's sister)

Deer by Aunt Lynne's house

Helping dad put flowers on Grandpa Frank's grave!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Guess we'll have to start searching Lily's backpack from here on out. This morning she got on the bus with a tee-shirt and jeans on. This afternoon she came home with her pajama bottoms on! When I asked her why she changed her response was she wanted to relax!!!!! Seriously though do you think the teachers even noticed she had changed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Magic Marker Monday- Lambs


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Nice

Today is Mother's Day. My mom is awesome, she's nice, she's pretty. We're going to dinner for Mother's Day and going for a ride in the car. I went shopping with my brother Kenny. He got mom a candle. I told mom all about it. Mom's so gorgeous. mom is so cute. love me. i like snuggling and watching tv with mom. mom loves me so much! mom helps me. she lets me get diet coke and mcdonalds. we go to the movies. i gave mom a cookie cookbook for mother's day. i made it at school. mom went to the zoo with my class.
That's it.

(note from Lily's mom - I let Lily type the last half of this. She must be practicing at school because she did really well! I'll have to let her type more, even if it takes a little longer)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lilyisms - The Truth Prevails

Oh my Lily, how I love her!

Last week we went to see her orthodontist. We had missed her last appointment because of all the accidents we had. As I was telling the doctor what had happened he noticed the bruise on my leg. Lily just had to get in n the conversation - her remark... "My mom has hair on her legs!" At least I didn't have a booger in my nose like last time!

Sunday Lily had her Special Needs Primary Program. She was on the stage and every time she saw someone walk in that she knew she would run off the stage and give them a hug. But, going back up on the stage there was a ritual she would do. Her hands started waving around her body, then her hands would come down in front of her like she was in prayer. I thought okay, she's calming herself. It was my nephew, Grant, that caught on that she was doing what Sharpay, from High School Musical, does before a performance!

Sunday was also the day that Tim had his Eagle Court of Honor. Lily got upset with one person because he was not at her program which was right before. He told her he hadn't been invited (he had been) but, anyway... Lily's old primary president spoke up and said "I wasn't invited either" Lily looked right at her and said "well, I didn't want you there" I should tell you that Lily and her primary president have always had a fun, teasing relationship, but I was still just a little embarrassed, and maybe a little jealous that I can't be so forward sometimes ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

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