Sunday, April 19, 2009


Easter Bunny

We went to a hotel for Easter. Easter is good I like it. Before the Easter Bunny came we went on a ride. I liked that. We see fish. We see a deer, he had his bones out (to mom -"where's his head") We saw a dead moose too (to mom - "whys it dead?) We looked at a building and took all your stuff out of your pockets. I liked that, it was fun. I saw horses. We went swimming! I like it when I swim. I tried to push off and my dad catched me. The next day the Easter Bunny come and got me a shirt, and I got a pants, and I got candies, and I got more candies. My basket was in the closet and I saw it there and I was so happy and so excited! I gave my sister, Brittany her basket. When I came home I got two more baskets from my grandpa & grandma and GrandMary. Dad ate my candy cause he liked it. That's probably it.
(note from mom - Jeff came home Friday night and said let's get out of here, so the closest place we could get was Vernal, UT. Vernal is home to Dinosaurs! We used to take Brittany and the boys there when they were little, so off we went. On Saturday, we headed to Flaming Gorge. On the way we stopped and took little hikes, we saw a decaying deer without it's head and a dead moose, of all the things to remember!!! We toured the dam, inside and out, very interesting. That is where we had to empty everything out of our pockets, since 9/11 they have got tight security. Once we got to the bottom of the dam we fed fish. It was a lot of fun! After leaving Vernal we stopped at Brittany and Gordon's who live on the way to Vernal and gave them their Easter baskets that the bunny had left. Fun, fast, get away!)

Car Wreck

Mom and I were driving. We spin around, oh I hate that! Mom got hurt. I don't like that. We were going grocery shopping. A car hit us, no a girl hit us. My dad come and I'm scared. I sat by mom cause I love her and I was scared. I could put her in a wheelchair, but she's too heavy. Fireman came, they talked about mom. They talked to me. I told them my birthday, July 27. Mom went in a big chair. The fireman gave me a bear. I was happy. I gave him a hug. Dad picked me up. The officer took mom to the hospital in ambulance. GrandMary came to the hospital and took me to Aunt Michele's. We watched Bolt!

"Mom try not to get into accident again" The car is broken. That's it.

(note from mom - On Friday, April 17, Lily and I had just gone to get the mail for the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation and were heading to Costco. We were going through a green light, with the rest of the traffic, when I caught a glimpse of a white car coming at us. I knew we were going to be hit. The woman went through the red light and hit us. We spun around and ended up in the opposite direction from where we started and her car slammed into a light pole. Lily was terrified! She asked what I had done. She had no clue of what a car accident was. I asked her if she was okay, she looked and sounded alright. I was dazed, but alert enough (or panicked enough) to think the car might blow up or catch on fire as it was smoking and making popping noises, so I yelled at her to get out of the car. Once I saw how fast she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car I knew she was all right. In fact she didn't have a scratch on her. Heavenly Father was watching out for her, I know it. Several people stopped to help us and make sure we were alright. Lily would cry for a minute and then some one would say something and she would be okay for a minute. She kept asking for her dad as I had called him. She was going to watch out for him because she knew I was hurt. All the emergency crews came, she answered all the questions she was asked, her name, birthday. A fireman gave her a teddy bear and after that she was fine. She gave him a big hug and waited for Jeff. The woman that hit us probably won't make it. She had an older car without airbags and wasn't wearing a seat belt. Jeff said he couldn't see any skid marks from the direction of her car, she never saw us. He saw my skid marks where I tried to stop. If I hadn't of seen her she would have hit my door or right behind and got both Lily and I. We were being watched over. I am very thankful to my Heavenly Father that we are okay. By the way I may be to heavy for Lily, but I wasn't for the cute firemen that "hefted" me onto the gurney. I ended up with a concussion, bruises and bumps. I am very sore and very blessed. In the ambulance ride one of the guys talked about Lily and how amazing she was. Today, I was talking to the Sergeant on the case and he too was very impressed with the spirit around Lily - that's my girl!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Lily's joke for the day...

Mom, what's this?