Friday, January 30, 2009


Over the past few weeks Lily has had some doozie Lilyisms!

She asked her dad to spank me for singing to Hannah Montana (he was thrilled!)

She saw the new president on T.V. and shouted there is President "Barakalli"

When her brother later asked her who the new president was she quickly replied "President Monson" He is the prophet and president of the LDS church!

Not a good one, but hey musical chairs is serious in elementary school - The class got to play musical chairs as a reward for the class being good. When Lily didn't get to a chair when the music stopped, she promptly slapped the other little girl that made it! So much for the reward :-(

Another one that I was not thrilled with - while in the middle of talking with her orthodontist my darling daughter looked up at me with loving eyes and said "mom, you have a booger, in your nose."

On that same visit while the orthodonist was in mid sentence she stood up, said "thanks" and "good-bye" grabbed her file and left the room. Yep, she was done and so was he.

She called me out of the blue today - from school!!!! She just wanted to say hello and that she loved me. Do you think she can work the office staff!?!

Man I love this girl!


jennifer hulet said...

Lily is just so funny! My favorite was the musical chairs!! what a hoot.

Lacey said...

She is so funny. They are so brutely honest. I can't believe she slapped someone. Silly girl.

Kim said...

That is too funny! Kids can be so much fun!

Tracey said...

I cracked up through out this whole post! Lily is a hoot! LOL