Friday, January 30, 2009

Lily We Have A Problem!

I talked to Lily a little more about her calling me today. I asked her when it happened, she said during lunch. I asked, did the teacher know, she said yes and she said she got in trouble. Then Lily went on to tell me how her teacher was not the boss of her and could not tell her what to do! And Lily was going to tell her that.

Then tonight we went to a birthday party. Okay this is big, because Lily as well as most kids with disabilities don't get invited to birthday parties. So we walk in and the majority of her class is there (her class consists of 4th - 6th grade, Lily being the youngest) Almost all of them shouted "Oh Lily!" and shook their heads. Then a few of the girls, who shall remain nameless, went on to tell me how much trouble Lily had gotten herself into today. One shouted "she got an X!" and another shouted "no, she got all the way to red!"

I asked Lily...yes, she got all the way to red.

I guess I'd better call the school...

Did I tell you on the phone today the secretary told me I was "a good woman" I am now wondering what she meant.


Lacey said...

I won't know what time it is until the night before. But I will post it on here when I find out.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Uh-oh! Sounds like she is gonna give you a run for your money!