Friday, January 30, 2009

Lily We Have A Problem!

I talked to Lily a little more about her calling me today. I asked her when it happened, she said during lunch. I asked, did the teacher know, she said yes and she said she got in trouble. Then Lily went on to tell me how her teacher was not the boss of her and could not tell her what to do! And Lily was going to tell her that.

Then tonight we went to a birthday party. Okay this is big, because Lily as well as most kids with disabilities don't get invited to birthday parties. So we walk in and the majority of her class is there (her class consists of 4th - 6th grade, Lily being the youngest) Almost all of them shouted "Oh Lily!" and shook their heads. Then a few of the girls, who shall remain nameless, went on to tell me how much trouble Lily had gotten herself into today. One shouted "she got an X!" and another shouted "no, she got all the way to red!"

I asked Lily...yes, she got all the way to red.

I guess I'd better call the school...

Did I tell you on the phone today the secretary told me I was "a good woman" I am now wondering what she meant.


Over the past few weeks Lily has had some doozie Lilyisms!

She asked her dad to spank me for singing to Hannah Montana (he was thrilled!)

She saw the new president on T.V. and shouted there is President "Barakalli"

When her brother later asked her who the new president was she quickly replied "President Monson" He is the prophet and president of the LDS church!

Not a good one, but hey musical chairs is serious in elementary school - The class got to play musical chairs as a reward for the class being good. When Lily didn't get to a chair when the music stopped, she promptly slapped the other little girl that made it! So much for the reward :-(

Another one that I was not thrilled with - while in the middle of talking with her orthodontist my darling daughter looked up at me with loving eyes and said "mom, you have a booger, in your nose."

On that same visit while the orthodonist was in mid sentence she stood up, said "thanks" and "good-bye" grabbed her file and left the room. Yep, she was done and so was he.

She called me out of the blue today - from school!!!! She just wanted to say hello and that she loved me. Do you think she can work the office staff!?!

Man I love this girl!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Josh, mom and me went to High School Muscial 3 today. It was good! It was fun! I kept standing up, because I liked it and I wanted to sing and dance. It was cool! It's awesome. My favorite part was them kissing together! The singing and dancing was cool! The next part I liked was the dancing. I like to dance. I made up a song on the way home, I sound just like them! I want to buy the video. I've been in East High before. I knew where they were dancing on the red stairs! That's it.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Today my friends and moms went ice skating. These friends are from my neighborhood and church. At first I didn't like it. Then my friends took me around and I liked it! Ice skating is fun. I kinda liked the food, it was a little creepy (note from mom - carrots, broccoli, orange slices, you know - good things). I got cold. I would go again.

(Note from mom - This was a mother and daughter church activity. The first time going around it was Lily and myself with Lily holding on to the sides of the wall. One of our friends came around and asked Lily if she was having fun... Lily's response "Yes, I hate ice skating!" Once the girls grabbed her and took her around she had a great time!)

Friday, January 2, 2009


We got new pictures this year!

Julie Williams of Impressions Studio & Gallery took our pictures. She did a fantastic job! Julie also volunteers at Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, check her photos for nilmdts at Impressions of the Heart.

Please DO NOT COPY these photos. All rights reserved.