Monday, December 8, 2008

This kind of stuff gets me boiling!

Note from Lily's mom - I saw this article through a blog that I follow from Ireland. I need to learn to stay away because I get SO ANGRY!


Nick McGivney said...

Hey Lily's Mom. I know exactly what you mean. My anger comes out in sarcasm I guess, but I can never stay mad at these people for long because I know something that they can't, poor deluded souls. But then I think of the power they hold through their voices and their readers and I get mad all over again. Sigh.
Regardless, it's good that you post the message and stimulate our gang and get as many dissenting voices out there as possible. We shouldn't need to, but that's probably a more heavy part of the Downs burden than the condition itself can be.
God bless

Stephanie said...

I don't even know what to say, I don't think it has even set in completely with me.

Aaron and Amy said...

Wow. I truly hope that no parent with a prenatal diagnosis sees that horrible article. The author is NOT a parent, and therefore has no place to say that kind of thing! I'm with you - I'm MAD! All the more reason that we need to keep getting OUR message out! If you need something more encouraging, check out Amy Julia Becker’s article, "Evidence-Based Standard of Care" at

Also, here is an excerpt from one of her other articles, "Babies Perfect and Imperfect."

"At first, I could only see her extra chromosome as evidence of imperfection, as a series of limitations that were different and worse than my own human limits. I didn’t conceive of limits—hers or mine—as potentially good: gifts from God that enable each of us to admit our creatureliness, our need for one another, our need for God’s grace.

Early on, I had asked my mother whether she thought Down syndrome happened because of sin in the world. She responded gently, “The only evidence of sin I see is in how the world reacts to Penny.”

Too bad Amy doesn't get published in the Times, though!!