Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lily and the dentist office...not a good match

Happy Autumn!
Lily in 2000
Okay, I've never had a child get as nervous as Lily when it comes time to go to the dentist. She loves the people in the office it's just what ends up happening to her while she is there.

Tuesday we went to get two small cavities filled (her first ones). We knew (Lily did to) they would give her oral sedation because the last time they did anything besides look in her mouth, it took 4 of us to hold her down. Granted they did pull out 4 teeth, 2 of which had roots about a 1/2" long and were curved because there were no permanent teeth underneath.

Okay enough graphics... the oral sedation had the reverse affect on Lily. It made here hyper, not sleepy, and the laughing gas made her out right giggle and then giggle some more and then promptly gave her a stomach ache. The numbing gel they put on before giving the numbing shot tasted icky and didn't help her already upset stomach. And then the shot, she freaked. She couldn't see it or feel it, but I think she felt the pressure, smelled and tasted it. Yeah, we were done. No sealants, no cavities filled, just an upset stomach and a numbed left side.

I never thought I would have to put a child out to fill a cavity, but in a few weeks we will try an IV sedation. Oh joy, I can't wait.

BTW, Lily's mouth expander is doing amazing things! Her upper jaw has moved in front of and outside her lower jaw click here. They think it is helping her sleep apnea! She has something a lot like restless leg syndrome when she sleeps. That is partially due to iron deficiency, so she takes iron 3 times a day now. Amazing what a sleep study test can tell you!


Scarehaircare said...

Oh, nuts, if I knew I would have warned you. Kids with Ds don't do well at all on oral sedation. At PCMC, when we were considering oral sedation for The Love Magnet's echos, we were told that the kids with low muscle tone feel even more out of control and they can't stand it. Out nurse recommended that we either not sedate at all or request IV sedation. That same day we ran into Jaimie and her mom. Jaimie had just gone through oral sedation and was thrashing around so much that they gave up on the echo. Mr. Wonderful tried to hold her and she gave him bruises.

Hope things go better next visit

My name is Sarah said...

Lily, I HATE the dentist too. Hey chck out my blog today. I am taking care of a turtle and her name is Lily.

Stephanie said...

I'm the same way at the dentist. I have to be out before I even get to the office

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Ugh restless leg syndrome is AWFUL! It sounds so unimportant until you are the one experiencing it. I had when I was pregnant with Preston and it made me miserable when it was acting up. I call it the "creepy crawlies."