Thursday, October 9, 2008


More self portraits!

Lily is not feeling well today. This is one of the harder things I deal with. You see Lily was born without her esophagus, so they took part of her colon and made her an esophagus. When they did that they give her a nissen (which is a tight ring at the top part of the stomach that doesn't allow stomach acid to come back up into her man-made esophagus and destroy it).

The problem is that when she needs to throw up she can't, it hurts her and there is nothing I can do to help her!

I have been posting everyday on the UDSF blog. Peek at that for some extra reading.

Exciting news we got an email from Dan at Disability TV ( they did Lily's T.V. interview) and they are in the final stages of editing! I think it would be great if they got it done for Down Syndrome Awareness Month!


Anonymous said...

hope lily gets to feeling better ... lots of hugs to lily !

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh poor baby! That has got to be miserable!

lonestar818 said...

Bless her heart, I hope she is feeling better soon. ((hugs))