Monday, October 6, 2008



I know the meaning of all my children's name and all of my children are named after family members. When I was able to actually bear children I thought if I ever had a girl I would name her after my two grandmothers (Elizabeth and Rose) whom I loved dearly, admired and respected very much. But, I had three sons, Henry, Kenneth, and Timothy. So much for my girl or so I thought.

Even though I could no longer bear children I knew there was one still missing. The wonderful, spiritual journey through adoption brought me my beautiful daughter. So it was easy I just had to decide if she would be Elizabeth Rose or Rosalia Elizabeth, but that name didn't fit this baby girl. One day I looked up the meaning of my name (Suzanne), it means Lily of the Valley. That was it, she was sent to me, she was mine, she was Lily. She had to have a middle name though, so again the toss up of which grandmother, but it was neither. Lily's birth mother had given us such a special gift in this little girl that the only thing that would work for a middle name was to give Lily her birth mommy's name, Alison.

Lily Alison is named after her two moms that love her more than words will ever be able to express.


Staci said...

That is a beautiful story on how Lily got her name. I love it.

Tracey said...

How sweet!


Kim said...

That is a beautiful name. I've always loved the name Lily. Just a sidenote. My 2nd daughter's middle name is Elizabeth and Mattie's middle name....Rose. So I named my kids after your grandparents!!