Friday, October 3, 2008


I need to explain that knowing that we had to adopt a child with "special needs" was not that big a deal for us, even Jeff surprisingly. Mind you at that time the definition for "special needs" to the LDS Adoption Agency was any child over the age of one, bi-racial, sets of siblings from the same family, and then a whole gamut of disabilities, blind, deaf, all syndromes, HIV, learning disabilities, mental illness, all of it.
We were totally clueless, but we went through a sheet of paper checking the boxes of what we would and would not accept in our child.
I did no investigating except for going to my trusty pediatrician and asking his advice on what disability was the easiest to take care of. He said to stay away from adopting from certain countries because of the high risk of Fetal Alcohol syndrome and he said that Autism was hard to deal with, but you wouldn't know at birth if a child had it or not. That was the case with several of the disabilities listed; you wouldn't know if your child had these disabilities until after they were sometimes several years old. He said he had dealt with individuals with Ds before and out of all the disabilities he would choose to treat someone that had Ds. Sounded good to me!
I will say it again, I knew in my heart we would be getting a girl with Down syndrome. This still brings tears to my eyes!


Emily said...

Awww... Lily was such a cute baby! Thanks for sharing your adoption story (hope to hear more)! How neat and amazing that Lily came to you the she did.

K&K said...

I have always wanted to know more about your adoption story-it was great to read all these posts!

Cleo said...

Lovely story!!!. :)