Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been tagged by Kim at Blessed With Girls I'm suppose to share six things you might not know about me. Mom's going to do it too. Her answers will be in a different color.

1. I eat mac and cheese. Moms eats everything.

2. I like putting puzzles together. Mom likes word searches.

3. White ice cream is my favorite. Mom - yes ice cream.

4. I like my stomach. Mom does not like her stomach!

5. I play with my dog. Mom cleans up after the dog.

6. I do like my bird. I love Calvin my cat. I like my animals. I like George, George is my favorite kitty, he likes me a lot. Mom thinks we have too many animals, oops forgot to feed the fish!

We are tagging The Hulets, My Cool Family, Wendy and Jerry Strebel, K&K, Areian & Anthony, and Riley's Gift. Have fun, we look forward to learning more about you!