Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is a poem that Henry, at 13 years old, wrote to mommy Alison - thanking her for Lily...

Lily was sent from you to me,
A glorious gift as anyone can see.
someone I will always treasure,
I will give her love beyond measure.

As the first few years may be tough,
We'll overcome it, sure enough.
With stinky diapers and her first few words
She'll look so cute with clothes and Big Birds.

So, thank you for my new little Sis,
A brand new sister to hug and kiss.
I know I'll love her to the end,
thank you for my new best friend.


heather said...

What a sweet brotherly tribute! She is so lucky to have such great brothers that love her so much!

Tausha said...

I just read your story that was publised in Windows into Heaven. I loved getting to know your story a little bit more. I actually placed a little girl up for adoption 4 years ago after leaving a bad marriage. I am very passionate about adoption and am on the Utah Adoption council. I bet Alison (the birth Mom) is very much at peace knowing that you are such a great Mom to Lily.