Friday, October 17, 2008


Being state president of the UDSF Lily and I get to do some really nice things. The Diocesan Commission for People with Disabilities invited the UDSF to send a representative to a special Mass celebrating the many gifts and contributions made by people with disabilities.
It was a lovely evening and an honor to attend.


Anonymous said...

What other nice things do you do? Oh, I know. Sue people. And threaten to sue others.

Lily said...

Anonymous you have got to be mentally ill to leave messages on people's personal blogs, especially little girls that have Down syndrome. But, you go ahead and continue to do so because they will go straight to ALL attorneys. Everyone already knows who you are and what you have done so go ahead leave your messages. Lily won't read this, just all the adults who again know who and what you are, and those that don't know will think so much less of you for attacking Lily's blog. You are disgusting!

Lily said...

While I'm at it let's not forget that I have two blog messages saved where you have requested that I help sale your own 6 year daughter w/Ds to the highest bidder, so you can pay legal bills.