Sunday, September 14, 2008


Aunt Lynne's at home. (She lives in Tabiona, Ut) She is cute. Gary is my uncle. I like going to their house. I get to play with Kennedey, my cousin. Aunt Lynne cooks dinner. It's good! They live in the country. We go over a mountain to get there. They have horses, dogs, and cats. We got our cats George and Calvin from Aunt Lynne. We are going to get a dog from Aunt Lynne, becuase I want one. I like sleeping over at Aunt Lynne's. I like jumping on the trampoline at Aunt Lynne's. I love my Aunt Lynne! That's it.

Other stuff...

This weekend we went camping! I like camping. We went to Crystal Hot Springs. We went swimming and sat in hot tubs! We went to a Buddy Walk. (Cache Chapter Buddy walk was Saturday in Logan). I played at the Buddy Walk. The park was cool! I won books, bubbles and Hannah Montana stuff at the Buddy Walk! My mouth piece fell apart!

School is fun. I like my teachers, three of em. I play with Annie. I like hot lunch. I got pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and white milk. I am learning stuff.

I don't want to do this anymore mom...I will blog next time. That's it.


Cleo said...

Lily, I'm glad you had a great weekend!!!. Lovely pictures :D

K&K said...

sounds like a great time!