Friday, September 19, 2008


Lily at the Cache Chapter Buddy Walk

School is good. I like recess.I like my friends. We did computer today, I like it. I am learning to tell time I have to say "o'clock" after reading the numbers on the clock. I like math. We play games in math and store. I bought a jump rope from the store today! I like to jump rope. I am good at jumping rope. I like to read. I have homework in reading. I had salad for lunch. I got apple ("I'm thinking in my head first") I had pizza. Annie is my friend, I could name all of them but I have too many friends. That's it.

(Note from Lily's mom - the kids get to earn money in class "real money" then on Friday they get to go to the classroom store where the teacher has bought all types of fun things for the kids. What a great way for them to learn! She is a great teacher! I loved when Lily paused and said "I'm thinking in my head first" she was trying to remember what she had for lunch.)


Nick McGivney said...

Recess is still my favourite part too. Glad everything's going so well for Lily, and I look forward to hearing all about it. Hi from Ireland to all.