Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The pig

Brynn, Grizzly Adams, the pig, and me

Feeding the pig

Last year at the Golf Tournament

Yesterday I took a pig to school! It was a real pig. He was 3 days old. I took him for show and tell cause we watched the movie Charlotte's Web. Kenyan lets me borrow the pigs from his barn. The mommy pig was happy to see her baby come back. I love the pig.

Today I went to a meeting with my mom. We met with Mark Whetzel. The meeting was at the golf place. We talked to him about the golf tournament. I gave Mark a hug. I love Mark, he's going to marry me! He gave me candy!

That's it!

Note from Lily's mom - When Lily was in kindergarten she gave a report on a pig, so I arranged to get a live pig. Kenyan who is Jeff's concrete sub and owns a small farm down in Springville where he raises pigs, cattle, and exotic birds. Now whenever Lily's class watches or reads from Charlotte's Web I arrange for a pig. The kids gets so attached, it a lot of fun!

As for Mark, he is the Director of Operations and golf pro at Thanksgiving Point Golf Course. For the last four years the UDSF has had their "Down the Fairway" Golf Tournament at Thanksgiving Point. Mark is a sweetheart with Lily and Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful place to have a tournament, they are great to work with! They make it easy for me!!!