Friday, May 16, 2008


Arantxa and me!
I skipped school today. I told my dad I had stinky feet! My mom and I went up to the hospital to see Parker from Praying for Parker and my friend Arantxa. Arantxa is in my class. Arantxa got her tonsils and adenoids out. Arantxa was doing good. She is cute, she's nice. I'm going to play with her when she gets better.

Parker hadn't been seen the doctor yet. Parker loves his dad. He is little, he is cute.
I gave them both books that my mom bought from Raising Joey. We have a book for Rhett too.
That's it.

Note from Lily's mom - We ran up to PCMC this morning to check on all our friends. Arantxa was doing amazingly well! She was up and running around with Lily, it was great. When we finally found Parker his surgery had been set back for 2 hours! When we left them at about 11:30 they still hadn't gone into surgery yet. There was not a room for him in the PICU. He was holding up pretty well, but was signing "eat" alot to his dad. He liked the book we gave him. It was one of those touchy-feely books. I had never met the Hodson's in person, not the best way to meet them, but I'm glad I'm close enough to PCMC to run up when I know kids are up there. Parker is every bit as cute as his pictures!


Amy, A Redeemed Sheep said...

I'm glad you got to go see your friend and that she is doing so well. She is blessed to have you as her friend.

I'll bet Parker loved his books! What a nice thing for you to do for him! said...

We saw this little girl in the waiting room the same day Parker had her surgery! I wish I would have gone up and introduced myself and Parker to her parents.

And Parker LOVES his book! :)