Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Me at Hard Rock Cafe and at the Coca Cola store

Me at the M & M Store with my favorite race car and my dad!

We went to Las Vegas over the Easter weekend. Henry was playing volleyball.
He plays volleyball with his friends (note from Lily's mom - Henry plays volleyball for the University of Utah).
We went to a store with stuff and bears (the Coca Cola store). I got a jacket. I lost it at the school (UNLV) the same day!
We went to a store with lots of M&M's and my favorite race car. We got underwears for my brothers.
We got food, MAC AND CHEESE! at some place (Hard Rock Cafe). They shouted and sang Happy Birthday. The lady called me sweetie.
I had fun - that's it.

Note from Lily's mom - I was so proud that I took a video not realizing that my video camera is so old it only records to VHS. So, as soon as I find the time I will get that converted to DVD and put on here!