Sunday, March 16, 2008


Tools used headgear.........the glue is the white powder the yellow stuff is the strawberry flavoring

Dr. Yamashiro putting in the mouth expander and drying the glue.. .. My mouth expander

This is the headgear I wear at night

I got my headgear and my "uptop thing". It didn't hurt getting it put on. The headgear is annoying but I am getting used to it. The worst part is the food getting stuck in it! My mom got me a waterpic for at home and a syringe for my teacher to use at school. Eating is getting easier. I can get the food out with my tongue now. My mom bought me lots of jello, yogurt, and applesauce to eat! My mom will turn it tonight so I will let you know how that was. That's it.


Nat said...

What a patient little girl you are! The price we pay for beauty, right?