Monday, November 26, 2007


Grandma's Beauties! Emrey, Harleigh, Lily and Montana

Easton tried to hide from the camera, but we got him!

Helping the builders!

I went to my Grandpa Pat's and Grandma Shirley's for Thanksgiving. I played with my cousins Emrey and Harleigh. Grandma let us put on real makeup! I saw my Uncle Todd's puppy Bobbi. The puppy let me put a baby doll on his back and take her for a ride. I ate lots of good food. My dad, Grandpa, Uncle Todd and Uncle/Cousin Kem built grandpa a garage!

Note from Lily's mom - Fun times in Richfield! It's been great having my parents move here from Tennessee! We had most of the family there. Michele and her kids, Bonnie and Grant, Julie and her kids, Robbie and Crystal, Todd and his kids, Montana and Harleigh, Wendy, Kem and their kids, Easton and Emrey. Jeff and I and our kids, Henry, Kenny, Tim, and Lily! We were missing Lesley and Mike, Stacie and Mike and their kids, Ana, Alex and Chloe, and Tony and Ashley. I was really missing my sister Angie and brother-in-law Dale. To explain Uncle/Cousin Kem, my sister Wendy married Jeff's nephew Kem. Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!