Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Together we weigh as much as 2 calfs!...break...Sonja plays the flower lady

We're so cute!.....discussing the scene with Josh...waiting for the next take

I'm the star in the middle...hanging out with Lauren Storm who plays Jenna's friend in the movie

Grace and me on the horses....hanging's cold outside!

Inside the cave at the dinosaur muesum

On Monday I filmed at Thanksgiving Point, in the petting zoo and the dinosaur museum. I liked it because I love animals. One of the animals was really funny looking. I filmed with all my new friends, and Yolanda, Josh, and Jenna. I pretended that I was on a field trip. Some of us got to ride the horses. The horse tripped. I said I hate this horse, but I really don't. They put "I hate this horse" in the movie, even though it wasn't written down. I had fun with my friends. I played on the computer during the breaks. There were mice in with the animals! There were chickens, sheep, horses, cows, and a donkey. The donkey made lots of noise! That's it!

Note from Lily's mom - This was probably Lily's last day of filming. They might write her into one more scene. Abe will let us know. We had so much fun with this! Lily added a few lines of her own, which they decided to keep in the movie. Her horse kept tripping so right in the middle of Josh and Jenna's scene Lily said "Hi Adam (pause) I hate this horse!" We found out that Lily is portraying someone that we know! Kate and Lily have siblings that go to school together. Kate and Lily sang in the Olympus High School Children's Choir during Beauty and the Beast last year! Kate is a sweetheart of a girl, so I am honored that Lily gets to play her!
Lily got her first check today. Her brothers are ticked!


Mightyqueen said...

Who would've thought, a star is born! What a fun site, how interesing and what a wonderful glimpse into Lilly's life. Lilly of the Valley have always been my favorite flower. Love the how she came to be yours story and the one about her name... beautiful!