Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Cast ..............Jazmine and me.............Grace (pic by Lily)

Eve(pic by Lily) ..Yolanda plays "Sister Mary Katherine" . Jazmine, me, & Andreau

Director Scott and the art class scene

the classroom ...............getting my microphone

Jenna Dewan plays the role of "Molly"

Tom Arnold plays the role of "Father Bailey"......Father Tom and students

Danny Bonaduce plays himself ....Danny snores!

I filmed today. It was a long day. I don't feel well. I have an ear infection! I started by hanging out with girls and boys. Their names were Grace, Emma, Abbie, Rachel, Matt, Eve, Jazmine, Chloe, Sadie, Kate and Jake. We colored pictures. We waited and I took some pictures. We went into a classroom. We colored some more in the classroom. Director Scott came in. He loves me! He talked to all the kids. He told us to say "Hi, Father Bailey!" I had a part. Sister Mary Katherine whispered into my ear and I had to raise my hand and say "freedom". We had to stay in the classroom a long time. It was hard. The kids were all really nice to me. Jazmine and I auditioned on the same day! Jazmine told me to do my best job! Jazmine loves me. Sister Mary Katherine was nice to me. She colored with me. I liked Jenna. I saw her in another movie. I liked her dancing in the other movie. Father Bailey was funny. He was nice to me. We met Danny in the hallway. Danny feel asleep in the hallway. He snores! Just teasing!

Note from Lily's mom - Another long day, especially when you don't feel well. Lily was a trooper! We got to Juan Diego High School at 9:30 a.m. There were already a group of kids there getting their wardrobes worked out. After the kids got in their uniforms they were taken to a room and asked to color pictures. We thought they would be used in the scene, but never were. But, it was great to have them occupied with something. There was one girl there that I recognized from the day of auditions, Jazmine. This is also Jazmine's first role. Lily and Jazmine hung out while they were waiting. I was very impressed with the encouragement Jazmine gave Lily on set. Everyone could tell Lily was getting tired and Jazmine gave Lily a little pep talk. All the kids were great! It was a long day for them, but they all stuck it out! A lot of them were family members of the crew.

Jenna, Tom, and Danny were all very kind and welcoming. Tom and I talked about Iowa, we both grew up there , and Special Olympics. Jenna was just as sweet as she could be. Lily and I watched both her and Josh in the movie "Step Up". The dancing was incredible. Of course Lily had to put on her dance outfit and try all the moves. She tried some moves today at the school, but I had to stop her promptly has she had on a dress! When Danny came around Lily was very tired, so she didn't feel much like getting a picture with him, so a very kind person offered to take a picture with all 3 of us. I cropped myself right out (reason for cropping, Danny is very fit, I am not!) Later on in the day Lily saw Danny sleeping on the floor. She was very concerned that he was okay. I talked her into standing by him, she was a little scared at first, but then I thought she might stick her finger in his ear like she does with her brothers so we left him sleeping peacefully on the floor.

I talked with Abe Taylor, Brandon Peterson, and Jonathan Rudd and found out that Abe's mom has a friend that has a daughter, Kate, who has Down syndrome. While in the process of writing the movie they wanted a way to show "Adam's" true, loving, kind side. Abe thought of Kate. He has a great mind! I also talked the Jonathan about how the script went. It seemed to me that scenes & lines were changing. He explained that the scenes were set but the lines would change if while filming they found that something didn't work or like today Tom Arnold said something that wasn't in the script but it was so funny that they worked it into another scene as well. I was watching Abe and Jonathan rewriting the script as they were filming! Oh, young minds! The other people I talked with today were the electricians. The two that I talked to were the lights of "light, camera, action" They explained that they set up the lighting, but it was the gaffers that made shadows. This whole process has been so interesting!

Everyone as been so kind and helpful to Lily. I have to leave the set when she is filming or she will look for me, but today Jenna and Yolanda stepped right up and hung out with Lily in between the cuts and roles. They all cheer Lily on and tell her what a great job she has done.


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