Saturday, November 10, 2007


........Jeff (pic by Lily)........Sonja from wardrobe...Jeff's office and wardrobe

Adam Dynes and Jack.......... Josh and me.................... me and Nikola

My real brother Tim and me waiting

Goofing Around.......Makeup by Carly....director Scott, Josh , and me rehearsing

rehearsing ..............................."The Hug"

Today was my first day on the movie! Austin drove us to a big house. When we got to the house I met Jeff. Then I met Sonja, she picked out my clothes for the movie! After that we waited around for a while and watched what was happening. I met Adam Dynes who wrote the music to The Jerk Theory. Adam had his wife and baby Jack there.When I saw Josh the first time I ran and gave him a big hug. My mom asked me what I was suppose to call him and I said "stinker!" Then we waited and waited and waited. I am glad Tim was there to play with me. I met Nikola, she plays "Date #2," she was an extra in High School Musical 2! She was so nice! She played with me. I loved her hair! We waited some more. There were little dogs there that were really cute and I got to play with some kids that were there too. I was glad they had food there to eat. I ate a lot of small oranges! Finally, we went inside the big house. Carly did my makeup and I did my part. I ran and gave Adam a hug and yelled his name. It only took me three times to get it right! In the next scene I laid on a couch and acted like I was tired. That took more than three times but I didn't mess up once!
Today was too long, but I had fun. I have to back again. I do something with a waffle but I don't know what.

Note from Lily's mom - What a day! To start things off Lily was running a fever last night, so we didn't even know if we were going to make it today. Then we woke up without power so I decide I had better run over to my mom's to dry my hair, but when we went outside we noticed that Tim's car had been egged!!!! Not going well yet. I knew that I wouldn't have time to drive to my mom's then over to the set (had I known that we would be sitting and waiting I wouldn't have worried so much!) I did find time to go to the Lions Club, dry my hair there then drive back home to pick up Tim. He stayed behind to wash off the eggs! We drove to the shuttle stop and Austin came to pick us up. Austin is the crew's assistant. Austin drove to a beautiful home. We then met Jeff, who I believe is an assistant director. Sonja and Lily hit it off right off the bat because they talked about clothes and shoes and then Sonja showed us where the food was! It was very busy and we had to be "quiet on the set!" which is very hard for some people! The cast and crew were so kind to Lily. Of course it helps that she is so likable. What a fun adventure we are in for! p.s. I did my best in posting all the pictures, I'm no computer wiz!


Anonymous said...

wow lily cute pictures ! looks like you are having a fun time !