Sunday, November 11, 2007


Note from Lily's mom - We have been blessed with pure joy. Lily came into our lives in a remarkable, wonderful, loving way. We were chosen by a young unwed teenage girl to be Lily's family. I will never be able to express my thanks to Alison and her wonderful family, who stood by her side during the difficult time in her life and are still there for her today.
We knew we would have to adopt a child with special needs because we had "Normal" children. I asked the adoption agency what that meant! We didn't know just how lucky we would be to get Lily.
She had a rough go of it at first. She was born without her esophagus and her intestines were malrotated. She spent the first 2-1/2 months of her life at Primary Children's Hospital. Lily had her first surgery on the second day of her life. Doctors unwound her intestines as best as they could, took out her appendix (as it ended up on the wrong side because of the malrotation) and inserted a feeding tube. Then when she was two months old she had her second surgery. It took over 12 hours to take 4-1/2 inches of her colon and make her an esophagus. She eats like a horse now! Except for the scars you would never know.
Lily is an exceptional person. She has touched the lives of so many in her short life and she is only getting started! She will be a great self-advocate for the Down syndrome community.
I will let Lily tell you about her great siblings! They are Tim, Kenny, Henry, and Brittany. They each have a very important role in her life. She is blessed to have them. Who else besides her brothers would teach her to fart and burp, especially burp, since she is not suppose to be able too! And, don't forget the swear words. I am proud to say she can use them correctly in a sentence.
Yeah... this is pure joy!