Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Jerk Theory

The Jerk Theory is a story about Adam(Josh Henderson), an aspiring musician who has women all figured out. After his girlfriend kicks him to the curb for the school jerk, Adam decides that, since girls don’t want the nice guy, he’ll be the jerk. It works like a charm.

Molly(Jenna Dewan), on the other hand, is done dating jerks. When she dumps the very tool that stole Adam’s girl the year before, Adam sets out to score with the girl who dumped his sworn enemy but Molly wants nothing to do with Adam or his theory.

Adam will have to reincarnate the nice guy if he wants any shot with Molly, but the transition may only lead to heartache once again.

Lily plays the role of "Kate" Adam's younger sister with DS. This is where you will see Adam's true side.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures ! cool videos .....
Suzie you will have to let me know when this comes out ....

Lily said...

You know I'll be shouting it off the rooftops!