Friday, November 9, 2007


My mom took me to an audition. I didn't know what an audition was. I went into a room with my mom and said "I'm goin' beat you Adam!" I kept telling these people that Adam was not my brother that Tim was my brother. They laughed and told me to pretend. They asked me to come back. When I went back the second time there were more people. One guy asked me if I liked to go to the zoo. I told him about the white alligator who is behind the glass. I can't get in the cage with him. He asked how old I was, I told him. He said he was an old man. I said like my Dad! I said my part again. We went home and waited. Mom told me I got the part. I still don't know what the part is, but I know I say "I'm goin' beat you Adam!" I don't know what a movie star is but I'm going to be one! My mom told me the name of the movie is The Jerk Theory. I start filming tomorrow! I am excited!
Note from Lily's mom - Lily auditioned for a movie called "The Jerk Theroy." It is about a teenage boy, Adam, who after a hurtful breakup decides he can get more dates by being a jerk then by being the nice guy that he really is. He and his friends actually videotape his dating tips for other young men to follow. Lily plays the role of "Kate" Adam's younger sister with Ds. This is where you will see Adam's true side. You will also see his true side through the main female role of "Molly", who we haven't met yet. This has been a fun process for Lily, and for me as well.