Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sorry boys I'm taken - this is Skyler! ..................My friend Sujeet

My friends at Starbright Dancers!
(I took this picture for PTA Reflections this year. The theme is "I can make a difference by" ... I put "being a good friend!")

My friends love me. My friends play with me. Some of my friends are Nathan, Thomas & Sara, Mac, Tyler, Henry, Bree, Syndey, Tawnie, Sarah, Maddi, Samantha, Gwen, Riley, Hannah, Sujeet, Rhett, Danielle, Ben, all my friends at Twin Peaks Elementary and Crestview Elementary and at church. I can't remember all their names right now. I have so many!
Skyler is my special friend. He is going to marry me! We have talked about it for years! If I marry Skyler, Sara and Carrie will be my sisters! And Charlie will be my dog. Charlie is a cute dog!
My friends are nice to me. I love my friends.