Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am turning 10 on July 27th, so I am having a BIRTHDAY BASH!

The proceeds from MY BASH will go to my friends Jaxson and Parker.
I think Jaxson and Parker are cute!

ITEMS are $5.00 each
You can make a contributation for just the items you want!
Or you can make a contribution at the very bottom of the page

Lots of people donated items to make this a great BASH.
If you want to donate an item contact my mom at
Check back to see if items have been added - we will also blog about it

The BASH will close at 5:00p.m. on July 27th
We will ship your items to you.

To add to the fun on 10 random days we will be having free give aways!
And, even better, Jaxson and Parker will also get what we are giving away!
We will pick those winners from the people who comment on the item of the day.

1st item - Everything Lily of the Valley!
Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion & bath & shower gel in Lily of the Valley scent
Catherine Lee's book The Language of Flowers
Candle & soap in Lily of the Valley scent from Maybell's Soap & Candles
We have TWO of these!

2nd item - Blankie, Bear & Boys
Jaxson's mom donated a blankie from Jaxson's Blankie's for Babes it's been paired up with a bear and handsome clothes for boys.

clothes are Carter brand size 9 mo.

3rd item - Barbie Holiday Pack
contains XO Valentine Barbie, Easter Magic Barbie,
Enchanted Halloween Barbie, and Christmas Morning Barbie

4th item - Barbie Spring Pack
contains Flower Shop Barbie, Pretty in Plaid Barbie, and Sunshine Day Barbie

5th item - Southern Living at Home Victoria Pressed Glass Compotes
Taste of Home Simple & Delicious Cookbook
set of 8 compotes

6th item - Blue Yonder Tee Shirt
you get to choose style and size
donated from Jen at Blue Yonder Girl
Jen designed Lily's blog page!

7th item - $25.00 Gift Certificate to !Vinyl Explanations!
Kecia at K&K Enjoy the Journey creates fun things for your home with vinyl.
She will design a custom piece just for you!

This is our front door - it says Welcome
It comes off very easily with a blow dryer
We've had Happy Thankgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Valentines

8th item - Designer Cards
Staci at MunchieMe Designs has donated beautiful handmade cards!
they come with white enevelopes

9th item - Custom Made Frame
Marlene at The Musings of a Mother has donated a custom made frame ready for your family photo!

10th item - T21 Afghan
Afghan in your choice of colors from The T21 Traveling Afghan Project!

This is Jaxson with his Afghan - quiet please

11th item - SC Line Genuine Lead Crystal Candlesticks
made in Italy, approx. 9" tall, bottom emerald green, top rim finished in silver

12th item - Bracelet from Coldwater Creek
Sterling silver and genuine abalone shell

13th item - SammyTells CD's and A Treasury of Children's Literature
SammyTells has created 3 wonderful CD's where he retells the stories of The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christen Anderson, and Mother Goose. Along with the three CD's is the beautifully illustrated book A Treasury of Children's Literature

14th item - Treasure Box
Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage has donated a beautiful Treasure Box!

15th item - Lisa Leonard Item
Lisa Leonard Designs has donated one of her items!

16th item - Quilt from Grandma Shirley!
Lily's grandma quilts, she made this beautiful navy and yellow quilt, approximately 46" x 55"

17th item - Foursome of Golf
Golf at Thanksgiving Point's championship caliber course!
Valid Sunday - Wednesday after 2p.m.

Lily and her dad, uncles, and lots of friends at the UDSF Golf Tournament at Thanksgiving Point

18th item - Foursome of Golf
Golf the championship course at
Sand Hollow Resort!
In Hurricane, Utah

Valid Sunday - Wednesday after 12p.m.

If you don't see anything you're interested in but would like to contribute to LILY'S BIRTHDAY BASH you can do that here!
Enter the amount you wish to contribute before you hit the "Buy Now" button



Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! What a bash you have planned. Hope to see you soon.
Sharon Larkin

Alyson said...

Happy early birthday Lily!!!!

That bracelet from cold water creek is so pretty and it's a shame that my little Avery is 13 months.......Those little boy outfits are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I entered your frog towel giveaway........I didn't win.....but I LOVE that towel......Where did you guys get it???

cecilia said...

HI lily
I know your birthday is not yet ....but I'm sending a lot of love and counting the days that are leftfor your birthday.
I placed a bet in the 5th item - Southern Living at Home Victoria Pressed Glass Compotes & Taste of Home Simple & Delicious Cookbook
set of 8 compotes. It is very cute...
have fun in the summer.

Cecy and TArek.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
I know it is not yoiur birthday just yet but I hope you have fun and wonderful birthday !

Sophia said...

Happy birthday Lily!!! I'll probably write this again when i'ts your real birthday. Write soon.

GrandMary said...

Hello Lily,
I hope you are having fun with all of your cousins at the family reunion in Colorado Springs. Be sure to give that Ashley girl a big hug and kiss from me!
I'm just starting to enter for items in your BASH, hope I win... See you real soon,
xoxox GrandMary

Wayne said...

Can't wait till the big day. I'm really hoping I get the golf at Thanksgiving point, Wayne would be sooo happy :)

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set of 8 compotes. It is very cute...
have fun in the summer.
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